Freedom BeltFreedom Belt Surgical Drainage Belt For Drainage Bags


Customizable To Your Body's Dimensions!
Long Lasting & Durable!
Fluid Resistant Materials!

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If you previously had a medical drainage procedure and have a catheter then permanently say goodbye to your rubber or velcro bands that come with your drainage bag. Never get frustrated again with needing to feed that pesky band through your drainage bags eyelets.

The Freedom Belt post surgical drainage procedure belt provides catheter patients with a brand new way to easily carry fluid drainage bags via an ultra comfortable suspension system. Since every Freedom Belt is made with incredibly durable top quality materials it is built to last a long time and be fluid resistant.

Your Freedom Belt will universally accommodate any manufacturers drainage bag size regardless of the manufacturer. Freedom Belt can accepts drainage bags made by Merit, Bard, Cook, Coloplast, Medline etc.

Now with your brand new Freedom Belt you’ll be glad to instantly start putting this incredibly easy to use solution for yourself. Once you have your Freedom Belt setup you’ll never have to fumble again and have difficulty with feeding your rubber or Velcro bands through a drainage bags 4 eyelets because of the easy to use clips.

Your Freedom Belt can transport up to 8 total drainage bags for a wide variety of medical procedures and it can be with any type of catheter. Suprapubic catheters like Foley catheters are equally applicable.

Be sure to get your Freedom Belt today and rediscover for yourself the complete freedom that you had just like before your drainage procedure!


Dr. Mario Torres-Leon

"As the inventor of the Freedom Belt and Harvard trained interventional radiologist with over 21 years of experience, I can tell you with certainty that this is the very best product on the market for most people who have had medical procedures requiring drainage bags. It was specifically designed to adjust to your body so that you can go about your life like you used to. You will be able to have hassle-free days again while being in total comfort. I can’t wait to hear how satisfied you are with Freedom Belt and how much better off your life is because of it! Welcome to our Freedom Belt Community, we invite you to share with others with similar needs what your experience has been so that we can serve them as well. Here is to your health!"

Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC

"After spending significant time and effort working on bringing the patent-pending Freedom Belt to you, I am very pleased to know that you’ll be able to go further for longer with more comfort for all of your activities. We made sure that your Freedom Belt has been made with the highest quality materials so you can have confidence knowing that you can be at your best every time you need to be without hesitation."

100% Secure Purchase At Check Out.

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